Introducing HD Audio

Full quality, studio-grade sound available directly to you.

Music lovers around the world continue to sacrifice sound quality for the sake of convenience. We have embraced modern download and streaming services, leaving those CD and Vinyl gems collecting dust in the shelf. For DJs and Electronic Music enthusiasts the story is similar, as MP3 became the norm to distribute music online given the limited Internet speeds of the last decade—CD Audio gave us a good run with 44kHz 16bit sound, here at Unlimited Records we think it’s time to go further.
48kHz Sample Rate

48kHz Sample Rate

The perfect balance between quality and convenience.

Compact Discs did a great job storing our music at 44kHz, lets turn it up a notch without taking too much of that precious storage space. Even though higher sampling frequencies are used during the music production process, once a master record is rendered, 48kHz accurately captures the entire spectrum of human hearing.

24bit Resolution

24bit Resolution

Full bit depth, essential for Electronic Music.

16bit files are good enough for playback, that is if you are not going to manipulate the sound any further. But the more bits we have, the better our software and hardware can manipulate sound without unwanted results. 24bit audio provides more than enough headroom for all those complex operations inside the digital domain.

Software And Hardware EFX

Get the most out of your audio effects

The more information you give them, the better.

Wether you trigger effects on your laptop or at an external mixer, professional DJ gear and software already oversample your music. This means internally they are already working at 48/96/192kHz to make those reverbs and delays sound as natural as it gets. Higher sample rate and bit depth on the source audio means more information for your effects to accurately model those dance-floor killer sounds.

HD Audio In Movies And Games

You already love this sound

Those wow! moments at the movie theater usually involve amazing sound.

Not only have our eyes been pleased by the new technologies in video and graphics, our ears too; all of your favorite modern movies and video games already use HD Audio. Those award-winning films know that the additional dynamic range and headroom of HD Audio make a story even more memorable. This is now the standard for all digital entertainment applications that involve sound.

DJ Equipment Already Compatible

Your equipment already supports HD

Make the most out of your DJ equipment.

Modern computers are already capable of playing music at 48kHz, even without external audio interfaces. Top of the line CD players support 48kHz/24bit AIFF files and professional DJ mixers also oversample up to 96kHz. HD Audio is already compatible with the software and hardware you love*

*consult the manufacturer’s specifications and instruction manual for compatibility and proper configuration
Unlimited Downloads

Unlimited Downloads

No need to worry about lost music.

We’ve all had bad luck with lost SD Cards, corrupted USB Keys or plain dead Disk Drives. We wouldn’t be Unlimited Records if we didn’t offer Unlimited Downloads: everything you buy from our store stays available to you in case disaster strikes.